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Dee's musings

We are all spiritual beings, living a human life.
-Wayne Dryer-
I am dynamic, delightful and determined. I live my spiritual life in a most dazzling way, and regularly drink a toast to the moments when I realize the simple things  are wonderful and enough. I recently had a date with my inner wisdom – She told me to yell out loud, ‘I AM DYNAMIC.’ It was wonderful, empowering and totally freeing. Afterwards I just had to start writing an essay about the simple things in life. While writing, I often indulge in divinely delicious pizzas or my favourite dark chocolate! Oh how decadent1 I truly and fully accept myself AS IS. To celebrate National Hug day (21/01), I made making a hot beverage a meditation (without burning my fingers). Yes, I invite you to be, to do, to live your dynamic Divine self. Dance with the stars in the flow of Divine choreography. Put on a designer dress (you can do this in the changing rooms of the most expensive designer shop in town!) – and dance…. Diva’s, dance.