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Did you thank anyone today for polishing your inner diamond?

Today you have lost….. DOUBT. How are you going to symbolise that?

What is stopping you from deepening your relationships?

Dee and the Divan

As the in-house psychologist I will be engaging in a dialogue with Dee this week. Let's see what we can share about the letter D. However lets put a quotation in first. Random, I know but apt. Be prepared to be delighted by Dee. 

Pretty JOY!
Sweet joy but two days old,
sweet joy call thee;
Thou dost smile.
I sing the while
sweet joy befall me.
- William Blake -

.Divan: We approach Dee with dizziness.
Dee: This word conjures up delight for me. By embracing  this I can allow a desirable space to develop. We enter that space as a desired place to connect with the divine.
Divan: Yes. This divine space is a place of  depth.
Dee: In this we dive into the inner depths of who we are and allow desire to dance a dervish whirl. 
Divan: The letter D is for determined and  deliberate.
Dee: Yes. I want to add that if we approach each day with sense of discovery. Each day offers up an opportunity to delight in who we are.
Divan: It is as if you make a point of connecting with this different side of your personality. Ask yourself what are you defending against? Is it perhaps being too dependent, too disapproving of both yourself and others.
Dee: I can see that being a defended person makes one rigid and  ultimately, distrustful.
Divan: By daring to engage in a dialog with those disparate sides of yourself, you might just discover that you are in fact a rough diamond. Try to discard doubt in who you are as you can only be the best person you want to be by deciding for yourself. Nobody can decide for you.
Dee: So I want to add that we are to dare this week to ditch any doubts about our self-worth.  
Divan: Shine on you crazy diamond. Allow the inner jeweller to shine the diamond that is your soul. Allow the light that is within to shine out in a dash of fragmented light.